Just another hate post

These are the things that seperate you fom being a mature adult and making mistakes, what makes the difference is when you decide its important to change and if you care about yourself enough to actually do it... My roommate/my best friend shared that with me today. 

My life really isn't that hard, I just have a lot of upsets in life. Most people have learned to get over then or what makes them feel better from it, but for some reason I missed that lesson in primary or something. I have no idea how to calm myself from my anger or little upsets, as I may call them. I try Yoga, listening to music while hanging off my bed, screaming really loud.... nothing seems to feel that void of peace and calm feelings. Syd was giving me all this advice and help and I know all of it is true and seems very logical, I just don't know how to apply it and use it. Its not like math how when you learn an equation and a light bulb flickers and you just get it, Its like ferbies, They are so absurd and dumb but once you learn to shut it up....no never mind you still have no idea why ferbies exist. Another thing that really upsets me, is how some people can be so dumb that they don't even realize it....EVER. For example, a guy that you maybe, just maybe like, talks about other girls to you just so causally that its so dumb. They may not even realize their offense, but shouldn't they have the decency to get a hint that if the girl is making any kind of effort to talk to you, invite you to do things that they MAY like YOU. I am usually not the one to talk about this so openly but Its really bugging me a lot. To the point that I am giving up. So I'm done with them.

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