Still awake and well.

Lets say there is this ice cream flavor from Ben & Jerry's [Cherry Garcia] and as we all know that flavor has been out for quite some time. Its just rich and tasty and everyone is loving it. So lets say recently the company makes this new- hot flavor that everyone will love [ peanut butter fantasy]. Once everyone sees it they just love it. The weird this is, is that the new flavor isn't even advertised well, yet it still gets the taste buds of all America. The other weird thing is that this old flavor makes the effort to be sold and the new flavor sits in the freezer and gets sold out in a millisecond of catching the customers eye. The old flavor is still bought but not as much as peanut butter fantasy. It's not that they forget that Cherry Garcia is still on the aisle it's that its not the new crave. It becomes plain Jane.

Don't you just hate that?

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