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YAY. My sister got a blog....because I told her too and because she loves me and I love her and My newest nephews!!! Kingston and London Polson. They are probably the cutest babies I have ever seen, I'm not just saying this because they are my nephews, its Just true and fact.They are just so cute and I get to go see them this wednesday!!^^^They look like little men. Ever seen that movie" The curious case of Benjamin button". Yea so cute. Because technology is amazing, I got to see these two when they were just born and the whole week through skype.As I got the Facebook notification that my sister had written on my wall, I started this blog...prolonging my time in the library for my ethics test tomorrow. The library and I have a love hate relationship. I love going because I see everyone but then I hate it because that means I'm at BYU and I walk around and feel so out of place becuase a. I am NOT a zoobie and b..... I'm not a ZOOBIE. My roommate Tawnie is going to BYU for the summer and she is like me, in that BYU is not the school for her. But unlike me she will be saving a lot of money because BYU is cheaper and UVU has out of state tution(by the way is about 3,000 more than a Utah resident. How lame!!!!

Ok I have a goal to be out of this joint by 10:00........Crap.

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