I VOTED! It was stressful but I did it. And even though I live in Utah and the state is pretty much all republican, I'm still glad I voted. I did my part. I'm American.

So a funny thing happened monday night at FHE. First off, I was not excited to go because I didn't really know anyone in my group except my roommates, but I went anyway. So we played this game were you just pretty much introduce yourself and say something unique about yourself. I, like always say that I'm adopted and my new roommate whose name is Rachel gasped "Me too!!!" so she asked where and I said "louisiana" and she gasped again and said" ME TOO!!!!!!" and you can kind of guess what happens next. Turns out we both we born in Baton Rouge!!!! insane right. Two girls named Rachel both adopted from the same city living together! We both went crazy. Laughing and crying at the same time. I loved it. After FHE we immedietly called our moms to tell the news. I'm glad I finally feel like I've found my place here in Provo.
I love my roommates.

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